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Metro East Patriot's Day

Patriots’ Day was founded by and is chaired by Kindercottage Executive Director, Brenda Crisp. It began in 2004 on the Saturday nearest September 11 to honor First Responders and families. An “Hour of Honor” is held at which time as many as 45 First Responders from various municipalities are honored with a Certificate of Appreciation. Vendors from Social Service agencies are present to help families. Activities such as horse riding, face painting, bounce houses etc. are available as well as a “hot dog meal” for each person attending. The biggest event is the Fishing Tournament for children ages 4-13. NO adults are allowed to help catch the fish. Fish are donated from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, which also provides educational demonstrations on how to cast for fish, tie knots, fishing safety and the types of fish in this area. Drawings are held for donated items as well as prizes, including bikes, being given to those catching the largest, smallest and most fish. The event has been held in East St. Louis’ Jones Park until recently when it was moved to Horseshoe Lake so that children and FirstResponders from other communities might participate. 330 children attended Patriot’s Day this year.

Take a look at the slideshows of fishing during Patriot's Day. The first slide show is "Setup", the second is the "Program" and finally the last is "Activities and Fishing". Click on the arrows to navigate through the slide shows.

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Setting Up and Preparing for Patriot's Day

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 Patriot's Day Program

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Fishing and other activities for Patriot's Day